The Fraser Recovery Program (FRP) was unofficially introduced in the summer of 1990 and, since its inception, has been successful in helping people with their alcohol and/or drug addictions. The Program officially became a non-profit charitable corporation on September 12, 1996. The catalyst behind this initiative was Mr. Hugh Fraser, a former math teacher and assistant academic dean at CEGEP Champlain – St. Lawrence.

Until December 1998 the Program had been operating on an informal basis. The funding to operate the activities had come from private sources and had been minimal. There were no paid staff members and all moneys raised had served to supply the basic necessities to keep the Program's main activities (the meetings in the city and the camp visits) operating.

What had become clear in the initial years of the Program's operations was that only a small number of those who could benefit from the FRP were being reached, especially when it came to effective prevention and awareness. Most of the youth who had gone through the Program up to that time could have benefited from an availability of information and a well-organized program in their high school years.

Given this reality and the ever-increasing use of drugs and alcohol by our youth, the volunteers involved in the FRP saw the pressing need to take the Program to another level. This involved creating a more formal structure to support the work of the Program and enable it to do the prevention and awareness work necessary in our schools on a regular basis.

As a result, on December 22, 1998 the FRP formed a new Board of Directors to see the organization through this evolution.

The Board defined the following as its main objectives:

  • To stabilize the operations of the Program and ensure that proper support and back-up structures are in place.
  • To put in place the appropriate structures that will enable the Program to become more involved in the prevention and awareness aspect of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • To secure its own premises (Centre) for the twice-weekly meetings.

The first step in attaining these objectives was for the FRP to hire a Program Director to ensure the ongoing operations of the Camp and the Program activities already in place. Mr. Hugh Fraser, the founder of the Program, was hired as the Director. In 2011, an assistant director was hired to progressively take over the director's duties. This gradual process will ensure a smooth transition in leadership such that the Program can continue to thrive, even after the retirement of Mr. Hugh Fraser.

As a second step in attaining the objectives, a psychologist (PhD psychology), a psychotherapist & mental health nurse (MA psychology, BScN), a counsellor (MA psychology), a social worker (BSW), and a special care counselor & addiction service worker (Special Care Counselling diploma & Addiction Careworker diploma) have been hired to assist the Director with counselling and the awareness and prevention activities. Together, they collaborate with the English schools and CEGEP in our community, as well as with the local health and social services providers. When requested, the team offers information and advice, which the schools and service providers may use in planning their prevention and awareness activities.

From November 2003 to October 2013, the Program rented a house on the grounds of the Jeffery Hale Hospital as the site for its activities in the city, which included the twice-weekly group meetings, individual counselling sessions, parent meetings, and study hall. As the group size grew, it became obvious that the house was no longer an ideal building, and so in October 2013 the FRP began renting space in an office building to use as a centre for its activities in the city. This space, with its large meeting rooms, is ideally suited to the Program's activities and its clientele. Prior to November 2003, the group meetings were held twice a week at the home of one of the former Board members, Mrs. Hazel Breakey.

The Board of Directors is actively involved in financial and strategic management.

The present Board members are the following:

Richard Morency (President), President, Morency Advisory Services
Robert Stewart (Vice-President), Asst Campus Director (retired), CEGEP Champlain-St. Lawrence
Jean Bourassa (Secretary-Treasurer), President, Colbo Fence Québec Ltd.
David Cannon, Vice-President corporate affairs, Immostar Inc.
Fred Cribb, President, Cribtec Inc.
Hugh Fraser, Founder and Director, Fraser Recovery Program
Kathleen Poulin, Executive assistant, Jeffery Hale Community Partners
Whitney Richardson, President, Signalisation Ver-Mac Inc.
Jo Rosenhek, Vice-President, Boutique Feejo Inc.